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Wire in the Blood

IMDB: 8.4

2002, 6 seasons to date

Crime / Drama / Mystery


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Dark and twisting mystery series based on the characters created by Scottish crime writer Val McDermid. Set in the fictional English city of Bradfield, clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill is recruited as a criminal profiler for the police department. Aiding DCI Carol Jordan (and DI Alex Fielding in later episodes), the doctor's eccentric methods and deep understanding of the criminal mind help track down vicious serial killers and solve the most gruesome of crimes.

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Season 1

  • Shadows Rising: Part 1

    Dr. Hill strives to deduce the connection between the bodies of two teenage girls dumped in a lake and the motives for their murder.

    Shadows Rising: Part 1
  • Shadows Rising: Part 2

    Dr. Hill pieces together the convoluted history of a formerly retired serial killer and the whereabouts of the latest victim the killer abducted.

    Shadows Rising: Part 2
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Season 2

  • Right to Silence

    Newly promoted to Detective Chief Inspector, Carol investigates a murder which seems to bear the hallmark of gang boss Gavin Cochran. However, Cochran is behind bars for murder and could not have done it. Carol asks Tony to work out any links between the two slayings, leading to the arrest of Cochran's brother George. But there is a fight during which George ends up in a coma. Gavin is released from prison for a compassionate visit, during which another killing takes place, allowing Tony to test his theory and trap the murderer.

    Right to Silence
  • Sharp Compassion

    The suspicious death of a hospital patient leads to post mortems being conducted on other patients who supposedly died of natural causes but now appear to have been murdered. Tony suspects the killer may be a person who believes they are releasing the victims from pain by their actions, guided by religious motives. However, Islamic terrorists are also suspected, leading to the involvement of MI5. Carol is under scrutiny and needs Tony's help to keep her job.

    Sharp Compassion
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Season 3

  • 19
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Redemption
    Tony Hill and the police search for a serial killer who has...
    Feb 21, 2005
  • 19
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Bad Seed
    Tony Hill works with the police to solve the murder of the J...
    Feb 28, 2005
  • Nothing But the Night

    Dr. Tony Hill has his hands full. His principal interest is in solving a string of murders where he can find no apparent connection. A child molester, a divorced woman and an elderly pensioner are all violently killed and while there are a few similarities, the cases suggests that different personalities are at work. He begins to decipher the motives when he realizes that there are two killers working together, alternating their kills. Tony also finds that a woman he's met on an airplane is stalking him and developing a whole fantasy life around him. DCI Carol Jordan ...

    Nothing But the Night
  • Synchronicity

    A sniper is at work and Tony Hill is having trouble profiling him. The killer leaves a playing card at each site but there is no apparent connection among the victims. As the deaths rise, people are walking the streets in fear, the media is in a frenzy and DCI Carol Jordan is under extreme pressure to solve the case. Tony has a bigger problem however when a medical exam reveals he has a brain tumor that is growing rapidly and is likely malignant.

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Season 4

  • Hole in the Heart

    Tony Hill assists the police in their investigation of a bizarre series of murders. In each case the victims - a property developer, a bishop, a judge - were brutally killed and the killers then immediately committed suicide. Tony thinks there is a connection to the Freemasons, but then realizes that they are dealing with a religious sect that glorifies suicide. He knows from the profile that the head of the sect will be a white male and from the religious symbolism that he will have six disciples, but who are they and how will they find this needle in a haystack?

    Hole in the Heart
  • Wounded Surgeon

    When a young woman is raped and murdered after being kidnapped from a nightclub, Tony Hill is convinced that Jason Eglee is responsible. Ten years previously Tony had got him to confess to the rape of Tracy Bradshaw in what was Tony's first case working for the police. Eglee was released on parole, against Tony's advice, only three weeks before the most recent crime. When a crusading journalist questions Tony's interrogation technique and pushes for Eglee's original conviction to be overturned, DNA testing proves the man is innocent. The evidence notwithstanding, Tony...

    Wounded Surgeon
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Season 5

  • The Names of Angels

    The police investigate a series of rapes and murder of young, professional women in the Bradfield area. After attacking them, he dresses the victim in a previous victims clothes and leaves their ID on the body. As the investigation continues, they learn from DNA that the man is responsible for at least seven murders over the years, but that he has never been arrested and as such, are unable to identify him. In a separate case, a former patient who has run away from his care home, Jack, contacts Tony. As a child, Jack killed his family and the police are concerned that...

    The Names of Angels
  • Anything You Can Do

    Tony Hill assists the police in investigating a series of murders. His profile suggests that the man committing these crimes may come forward as a potential witness and the police soon focus in on Bernard Kelly. In his mid-30's and still living at home with a domineering mother, he seems to fit his profile, but Tony has nagging doubts as he finds significant differences in style between some of the attacks. During this time Tony has a house guest, his old friend from university Jonathan Good who is also a psychologist. As time goes by however, he begins to behave ...

    Anything You Can Do
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Season 6

  • From the Defeated: Part 1

    Two young men are found murdered, the only connection being that skin from one of them is found under the other's fingernails. As other bodies are found, Tony deduces that a sadistic gay murderer is abducting white boys and forcing them to kill each other. Meanwhile Michael Bryant, the cannibal killer whom Tony helped to put away, sends him a message from the secure unit where he is incarcerated, telling Tony that he is planning to escape and will see him soon.

    From the Defeated: Part 1
  • The Dead Land: Part 1

    Another serial killer is at work. This one kills homeless men by stabbing them through the heart but a bizarre ritual is also at work because the bodies are bathed and wrapped up in paper before they are left around the town's business area. Alex is called away and her place taken by the young Oxbridge graduate Hall,of whom Tony is initially suspicious but he turns out to have a psychology degree and to be a big fan of Tony's work. A more sinister fan,clearly Bryant,is leaving 'presents' on Tony's door-step.

    The Dead Land: Part 1
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