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Tour of Duty

IMDB: 8.4

1987, 3 seasons to date

Action / Drama / War

By L. Travis Clark

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This series offers an unflinching look at the "tours of duty" of several members of a platoon during the Vietnam War. Death is inevitable in war, and major characters do die. The protagonists face the Viet Cong, social disapproval, and sometimes themselves over the course of the series.

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Season 1

  • Dislocations

    Bravo Company are tasked with moving the inhabitants of a village to a safer location. When all does not go according to plan they get some unexpected help.

  • War Lover

    Bravo Company have to team up with a gung-ho special forces team in order to destroy a bridge. Bravo Company discovers that things are not always black and white in war.

    War Lover
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Season 2

  • For What It's Worth

    Soldiers need someone to talk to regarding the horrors they experience. Tan Son Nhut has a priest who is there to listen. The Army also has a contract with a psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Seymour. A fragger kills the priest, making the base paranoid. Anderson listens to tapes of Dr. Seymour's notes about her patients and figures out who the fragger is, saving lives by doing so. Yet Dr. Seymour is angry that he violated her patients' privacy.

    For What It's Worth
  • True Grit

    Battle fatigue can be totally enervating. McKay verbally abuses a soldier in the field who could not let go of a tree and get into the helicopter; they manage to get him into the chopper and back to base where Dr. Seymour deals with him. The policy is to get men without casualties back in to the field as soon as possible, but Anderson requests that Dr. Seymour find a way not to send Martsen back to the field. The major in the psych ward orders Martsen back to active duty, and he is shot in the next skirmish. Ruiz finally goes to see Dr. Seymour about his view that he ...

    True Grit
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Season 3

  • 45
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: The Luck
    Anderson and Goldman are listed MIA in the aftermath of an a...
    Sep 23, 1989
  • 45
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Doc Hock
    With Goldman recovering and transferring to Intelligence, An...
    Sep 30, 1989
  • The Ties That Bind

    The platoon is transferred to Camp Barnett MACV-SOG from where they will conduct unconventional warfare and counter-insurgency operations. Zeke Anderson is not extending his tour and uses his saved up free time to return to the US earlier to go see his daughter Katie for the first time in 2 years. The squads' first assignment is to snatch a VC tax collector. Myron, mourning the loss of Alex, is distracted, and Johnson is trying to adjust to his role as the new "sarge".

    The Ties That Bind
  • Lonely at the Top

    The platoon is searching for a recon-squad that disappeared. During the various patrols Johnson's leadership abilities are severely put to the test and he has doubts whether he still got the edge. Zeke meets up with Jennifer Seymour and proposes to marry her. She says yes to share her life with Zeke, but she also senses that Anderson isn't ready yet to end the life he shared with his men in Vietnam.

    Lonely at the Top
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