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IMDB: 8.1

2014, 5 seasons to date

Crime / Drama

By Courtney Kemp Agboh

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"Power" tells the story of James "Ghost" St. Patrick, a wealthy New York City nightclub owner who caters to the city's elite. He wants to build an empire, turn the club into a Fortune 500 business, but there's just one problem: Ghost is living a double life. When he is not in the club, he is the kingpin of the most lucrative drug network in New York for a very high-level clientele. His marriage, family and business all become unknowingly threatened as he is tempted to leave his criminal life behind and become the rags-to-riches businessman he wants to be most of all.

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Season 1

  • This Is Real

    Ghost and Tasha's rift intensifies. Ghost is worried his family may be in danger, when he continues to pursue Angela.

    This Is Real
  • Who Are You?

    Angela schedules surveillance of a meeting between Ghost and Tommy and some gang leaders. Ghost reveals the truth to Angela. The assailant returns.

    Who Are You?
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Season 2

  • Like We're Any Other Couple

    Ghost and Angela enjoy a getaway in Miami until reality intrudes on their fantasy life as a couple; Tommy and Kanan bond.

    Like We're Any Other Couple
  • You're the Only Person I Can Trust

    Ghost struggles to keep Angela, Tommy and others in his control; Simon Stern prevents Ghost from regaining his club.

    You're the Only Person I Can Trust
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Season 3

  • I Got This on Lock

    Ghost sees an opportunity to take the clubs to the next level, but the past may catch up to him; Tommy joins Tasha in a scheme, while dealing with an uncontrollable contact.

    I Got This on Lock
  • Don't Worry Baby

    As the opportunity to expand the clubs evolves, Ghost is spread even thinner between Angela, the kids, business, and Tommy. Tommy struggles with a decision, Kanan gets back into the life, and Angela faces doubts.

    Don't Worry Baby
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