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Murder in the First

IMDB: 7.3

2014, 3 seasons to date

Crime / Drama / Mystery

By Steven Bochco

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A single murder case is dissected from the committing of the crime through to the investigation, arrest and trial.

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Season 1

  • Who's Your Daddy

    A woman from Erich Blunt's past resurfaces with a shocking allegation, one of the young boys who witnessed Kevin Nyers' murder comes to Mulligan for help, and English looks for a new house.

    Who's Your Daddy
  • Burning Woman

    Erich Blunt is arraigned for the murder of Cindy Strauss and her unborn fetus, while Mulligan is interviewed about her role in the off-duty shooting, for which she could lose her job.

    Burning Woman
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Season 2

  • Blue on Blue

    As the city reels, newly appointed D.A. Mario Siletti promises justice. Meanwhile, the body of a young Chinese gang member found in an urban grow house leads Hildy into the dangerous world of drugs and gang politics.

    Blue on Blue
  • My Sugar Walls

    Raffi fears Hildy's continued investigation of the grow house murder will blowback on a case of her own.

    My Sugar Walls
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Season 3

  • Tropic of Cancer

    As the hunt continues for the prime suspect in the Normandy Parker case, an anonymous tip forces Terry into an officer-involved shooting that sets off public uproar. A desperate Siletti reluctantly hires DUI defense attorney Alfred Arkin, but withholds essential trial information. Hildy gets good news for her future, and she and Terry cross a line together.

    Tropic of Cancer
  • Black and Blue

    Public pressure on Terry and the SFPD continues to rise for the shooting death of an unarmed suspect. Hildy tracks down the fugitive in the Normandy Parker murder. Arkin advises Siletti to reconcile with his wife, as she may be the key to winning - or losing - his case.

    Black and Blue
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