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IMDB: 8.0

2002, 8 seasons to date

Comedy / Crime / Drama

By Andy Breckman

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Former police detective Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) has suffered from intensified obsessive- compulsive disorder and a variety of phobias since the murder of his wife, Trudy, in 1997. Despite his photographic memory and his amazing ability to piece tiny clues together, he is now on psychiatric leave from the San Francisco Police Department. Aided by his friend and practical nurse, Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram), Monk works as a freelance detective/consultant, hoping to convince his former boss, Captain Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine), to allow him to return to the force. Stottlemeyer wavers between admiration for Monk and annoyance at his eccentricities. Moreover, he harbors serious doubts about the wisdom of allowing Monk to carry a gun. Stottlemeyer's second-in-command, Lieutenant Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford), also has his doubts about Monk but seems to be developing a reluctant admiration for the "defective detective."

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Season 1

  • Mr. Monk and the Psychic

    When a woman drives off the road to her death, her body is mysteriously found the next morning by a psychic known for fudging the truth. Monk must discover if she's telling the truth this time, or else let a murderer go free.

    Mr. Monk and the Psychic
  • Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale

    A judge is murdered while placing a 911 call, but before she dies she names her attacker - notorious criminal Dale Biederbeck. The problem is, "Dale the Whale" is over 800 pounds and hasn't left his bed in years.

    Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale
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Season 2

  • Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame

    When a powerful CEO and his wife are shot to death in a deserted parking lot, the police investigate the husband's enemies. But Monk thinks it's all about the wife and the affair she was having with a handsome young ballplayer.

    Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame
  • Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus

    When a ringmaster is murdered by an acrobat in a crowded restaurant, Monk suspects his ex wife is responsible. But with her foot broken and in a cast, how could she have done it?

    Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus
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Season 3

  • Mr. Monk and the Blackout

    A blackout puts half of San Francisco in the dark for a few minutes. When the police discover it wasn't an accident, Monk gets involved to try and figure out why.

    Mr. Monk and the Blackout
  • Mr. Monk Gets Fired

    Karen Stottlemeyer films a documentary of Captain Stottlemeyer's division. Despite the Commissioner's objections, Monk helps solve the case of a headless corpse, a fatal fire at a wig factory, and a hat thief all in one fell swoop.

    Mr. Monk Gets Fired
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Season 4

  • Mr. Monk Stays in Bed

    When Natalie finally catches up with the pizza guy who mistakenly left her $50 in change, she finds him dead in his car. She feels compelled to solve the murder but Monk, sick in bed, offers little help.

    Mr. Monk Stays in Bed
  • Mr. Monk Goes to the Office

    Monk goes undercover as an office worker and revels in the office routines and actually starts making friends and a possible romance as he tries to solve a murder that occurred in a parking garage next to the office building as well as who injured the hand of the man who hired him whose hand was slammed into a car door probably by the murderer. But Monk's new found popularity may come to a screeching halt if he won't put on the pair of used bowling shoes for the showdown match between his office team and their rival team.

    Mr. Monk Goes to the Office
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Season 5

  • Mr. Monk and the Big Game

    Monk coaches basketball while trying to solve a murder case.

    Mr. Monk and the Big Game
  • Mr. Monk Can't See a Thing

    Monk is blinded by a murderer at a fire station, and then must help find him using his other senses.

    Mr. Monk Can't See a Thing
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Season 6

  • Mr. Monk and the Naked Man

    Monk is asked to consult on the murder of a woman, but his issues with nudity hamper his skills.

    Mr. Monk and the Naked Man
  • Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend

    When a realtor is shot and killed while showing off a house to a couple, Monk and Natalie suspect the killer to be the victim's partner - who happens to be Stottlemeyer's girlfriend Linda Fusco.

    Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend
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Season 7

  • Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever

    Adrian finds himself short an assistant when Natalie is hired to replace the local lotto girl after she's murdered.

    Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever
  • Mr. Monk Takes a Punch

    A boxer narrowly avoids a bomb, and Stottlemeyer believes it won't be the only attempt with a championship bout coming up. Meantime, Monk splits his time between the case and contemplating retirement when he finds he must pass a fitness exam.

    Mr. Monk Takes a Punch
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Season 8

  • Mr. Monk and the UFO

    Monk finds himself defending his humanity while assisting the sheriff in a remote Nevada town with a murder investigation after he spots what could be a UFO.

    Mr. Monk and the UFO
  • Mr. Monk Is Someone Else

    Monk is asked to go undercover when his doppelgänger, a mob hit man, unexpectedly dies leaving federal agents with no leads as to his next victim.

    Mr. Monk Is Someone Else
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