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McHale's Navy

IMDB: 7.5

1962, 4 seasons to date

Comedy / War


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These are the adventures of the misfit crew of PT-73 during World War II. They're one of the best fighting crews in the Navy, but break regulations when it suits them. Their commander, LCDR McHale, is at times as roguish as his crew, but he puts his foot down when things go too far. They are assigned an XO, Ensign Parker, who is by-the-book, but too much of a klutz to command too much respect. They have a house-boy Fuji, who deserted the Japanese Navy, who wears a POW outfit just in case he's caught so he won't be shot at. Their nemesis is CAPT Binghamton and his aide LT Carpenter. They're initially stationed in the South Pacific, but move to Italy in the last season.

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Season 1

  • McHale and His Seven Cupids

    McHale and The Boys go all out, to try to help Parker win the attention of a very attractive Nurse he's infatuated with.

    McHale and His Seven Cupids
  • PT 73 Where Are You?

    Virgil loses the 73, and McHale and The Crew must arrange for a replacement, before they can take a week's R&R trip to New Caledonia.

    PT 73 Where Are You?
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Season 2

  • McHale and His Schweinhunds

    Binghamton accuses Parker of cowardice, after Parker loses his cool, during the pursuit of a Japanese patrol boat. But Parker redeems himself, when - After a little pep-talk from McHale - He orchestrates the destruction of a German U-Boat, on a mission to rendezvous with a Japanese patrol.

    McHale and His Schweinhunds
  • Is There a Doctor in the Hut?

    McHale and The Crew devise a plan - Potentially beneficial to both them, and Captain Binghamton - To have a popular movie star put on a show on Taratupa, for Admiral Rogers, but must first scheme to get the Star's stubborn Tour Manager out of the way.

    Is There a Doctor in the Hut?
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Season 3

  • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad War

    Left alone on the 73, in New Caledonia, while McHale attends a staff meeting, and the Crew are on an unauthorized liberty, Parker receives the order from Binghamton to pick up the base payroll. After he's robbed of the $62,000, McHale and the guys frantically try to locate the cash, before Binghamton can accuse them of the theft.

    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad War
  • McHale, the Desk Commando

    Binghamton fakes an illness, and checks into the base hospital, appointing McHale as temporary Base Commander, to face an unscheduled inspection by a tough Admiral. But Binghamton's plan backfires, when McHale and The Crew manage to make it through the inspection, and turn the tables on The Captain.

    McHale, the Desk Commando
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Season 4

  • Marriage, McHale Style

    Binghamton angers the local Italians, after forbidding their fraternization with Naval personnel, but must quickly make amends with them, in order to please a certain VIP, due soon, for a visit. So, he reluctantly allows McHale and the townsfolk to throw a big wedding bash for a young Italian woman, and her fiancée - A soldier in the Italian Army.

    Marriage, McHale Style
  • Giuseppe McHale

    During his absence from the base, against orders, McHale is spared an AWOL charge, with help from his Italian cousin, who happens to bear a very strong family resemblance to his American counterpart.

    Giuseppe McHale
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