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Little Britain

IMDB: 7.7

2003, 4 seasons to date



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Based on the highly successful Radio 4 series, Little Britain is a hilarious exploration of the British Isles and its curious inhabitants after a successful pilot earlier this year. The programme travels from the Scottish highlands, through Wales, the tranquil English countryside and the less tranquil council estates of Britain's inner cities, while the narrator (Tom Baker) adds his insightful and eloquent comments for those less familiar with these fair Isles

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Season 1

  • Tallest Man

    Daffyd is upset that someone bought his copy of the Gay Times. Vicky is accused of pushing a little girl into the swimming pool. Prime Minister Michael's wife interrupts Sebastian's briefing. A Starsky and Hutch celebrity visits the hospital.

    Tallest Man
  • Hard-Boiled Egg Eating

    Vicky and her underage mates try to get drinks in a pub. Hypnotist Kenny cheats at Scrabble while visiting his mother in the hospital. Fatfighters member Majorie gossips about a new member, her sister.

    Hard-Boiled Egg Eating
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Season 2

  • 29
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Episode #2.1
    Vicky Pollard is caught hiding mix n' match candy in her pan...
    Oct 19, 2004
  • 29
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Episode #2.2
    Emily and Florence visit a bridal shop to try on some very l...
    Oct 26, 2004
  • Episode #2.3

    Vicky makes a nuisance of herself on a bus, Lou takes Andy to the ice-rink, on their ladylike saunter through the park Emily and Florence encounter some boisterous boys playing football, and Dafydd goes to an audition for the Llandewi Breffi version of Hamlet. Meanwhile, Marjorie Dawes surprises everyone at Fat Fighters by being nice to the longsuffering Meera (although it's got nothing to do with Meera's lottery win, honest!).

    Episode #2.3
  • Episode #2.4

    Emily and Florence flounce off to the ballet, while Dr Lawrence takes Anne to the theater. Marjorie Dawes treats her Fat Fighters to a Scrooge-like Christmas dinner. Sebastian is shocked to hear that the Prime Minister's wife is pregnant. Lou offers to take Andy to church to do a reading - despite the fact that he wants to go dressed as the Baby Jesus, and the vicar gets an unexpected reaction when his parishioners try out his mince pies.

    Episode #2.4
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Season 3

  • 29
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Episode #3.1
    At Hill Grange Health Spa, Bubbles De Vere receives a shock...
    Nov 17, 2005
  • 29
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Episode #3.2
    Care home worker Leonard, in particular, is getting very com...
    Nov 24, 2005
  • Episode #3.3

    A trip to the Hill Grange Health Spa sees Roman getting a little more than he bargained for during a facial, when Bubbles takes his beauty treatment into her own rather ample hands. Down on the Mike McShane estate, it appears that Ting Tong has yet more secrets to divulge, much to Dudley's horror and exasperation. A weakness for women in green Lycra, however, gives Ting Tong the opportunity to persuade him to let her stay - just one more night.

    Episode #3.3
  • Episode #3.4

    A new resident arrives at the Mike McShane estate - Ting Tong's mother. Needless to say, Dudley's not too happy about the newest addition to the household, particularly when he learns that she's not planning to leave any time soon. Down on Larchwood Close, Neighborhood Watch leader Sid Pegg calls an urgent meeting following the arrival of a caravan in the area and, over at the Hill Grange Health Spa, Bubbles learns the reason why Roman left her for Desiree.

    Episode #3.4
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Season 4