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In Plain Sight

IMDB: 7.3

2008, 5 seasons to date

Crime / Drama / Mystery

By David Maples

Latest Episodes

Mary Shannon is a U.S. Marshal in the witness protection program who spends her time relocating federal witnesses.. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Mary works with her partner, Marshall Mann, to place criminals and innocent witnesses into new lives. When not putting her life on the line to protect federal witnesses, Mary attempts to manage her dysfunctional family, including overly dependent mother, Jinx, and younger sister, Brandi, both of whom live with her. Between work and family, Mary has little time for boyfriend Raphael Ramirez who plays minor league baseball.

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Season 1

  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Pilot
    During the course of her birthday, US Marshal Mary Shannon t...
    Jun 1, 2008
  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Hoosier Daddy
    Mary protects a 10-year-old witness from being returned to h...
    Jun 8, 2008
  • Never the Bride

    Diamond thief, bigamist, and con-artist Teri Ranzino (aka Trudy Wainright, Tenley Bishop, Toni Denard, Tress Stevenson), is put into Witsec after stealing 10 million dollars in raw diamonds from her latest clueless husband/mark, getting arrested by the FBI, agreeing to divulge the whereabouts of 20 million dollars worth of illegal conflict diamonds, and giving up the identities of the men conspiring to sell them. After settling in to her new life, the now-Trenna Morris, find a new rich man to marry, claims she really loves this one, and ropes Mary into being a ...

    Never the Bride
  • Trojan Horst

    Horst Vanderhoff, who reportedly works for a high-priced contract killer, gets popped by the F.B.I. negotiating a hit. With promises of delivering the boss, Lola, he goes into Witsec. While transporting Horst, Mary and Marshall are ambushed in the middle of nowhere, Marshall is shot, but they manage to force the would-be killers to retreat. Finding an abandoned building, they take cover and prepare to defend themselves when the assassins return at nightfall to finish the job.

    Trojan Horst
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Season 2

  • A Stand-Up Triple

    A woman with three children who tries to find a man who can take care of them, hooks up with a criminal. When the man is arrested and she agrees to testify against him, so she enters the Witness Protection Program under Mary's supervision. When she continues to get a man, her eldest son is tired of it and Mary offers to help him get emancipated.

    A Stand-Up Triple
  • Rubble with a Cause

    One of Mary's witnesses, an ex-mercenary who was supposed to testify against a former partner who killed 17 innocent people while assassinating a Mexican kidnapper, is trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building. Mary manages to reach his side and tries to keep him alive, in part by providing him with medical aid, and - because his face has been shown on television - by shielding him from other mercenaries who might target him while he is trapped. In the meantime, Brandi tries to apologize to Peter Alpert, the coordinator of the AA group whom she deceived by posing ...

    Rubble with a Cause
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Season 3

  • Coma Chameleon

    An ATF agent is shot by a weapons dealer he was working on. He ends up in a coma and wakes up a few years later. He is told that he is now in the Witness Protection Program and Mary's in charge of him. He asks to see his girlfriend. Mary says she'll do what she can. Raphael's aunt comes for a visit and questions Mary about her plans with Raphael. The agent meets with the prosecutor who tells him that his partner, who at the time of his shooting was addictive to pain killers which made him unconscious when he was suppose to back his partner. So they need his testimony ...

    Coma Chameleon
  • Whistle Stop

    Mary and Marshall try to help FBI Agent Mike Faber convince his informant to enter WITSEC. Despite their best efforts, the informant refuses their protection and gets himself into a heap of trouble. After Mary, Marshall and Agent Faber save the informant from certain death, he and his family join Witsec. Meanwhile, Stan has to deal with an ex-boxer/witness suffering from pugilistic dementia.

    Whistle Stop
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Season 4

  • Love in the Time of Colorado

    When a Financial clerk sees a murder happen in front of him, he is forced to enter the program, but refuses to take down his friend's wife, who he is madly in love with. In Romeo and Juliet kind of love, these two star-crossed lovers will do anything to be together.

    Love in the Time of Colorado
  • Meet the Shannons

    Mary helps a Miss Congeniality teenage pageant queen cope when she suddenly realizes that she's spent her entire life in the witness protect program - but didn't know it.

    Meet the Shannons
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Season 5

  • Reservations, I've Got a Few

    A former Navy SEAL who now works for an Indonesian warlord, is arrested when he poses as an FBI agent to track down someone the warlord wants dead. He's taken to WITSEC and is at first reluctant to accept because the man he works for and his partner, Bo will make sure he doesn't talk. He asks to go outside so Marshall takes him to the roof and he jumps down and escapes in Delia's car. They find the car just outside an Indian reservation, where they don't have any authority. But Mary and Marshall enter anyway. But a reservation cop finds them and tells they have to ...

    Reservations, I've Got a Few
  • The Merry Wives of Witsec

    A man who sells pharmaceuticals to doctors, witnesses one of his clients, do something illegal. So he testifies and enters WITSEC along with his family. His daughter who plays lacrosse is told she has to stop because she was so good that they could be discovered and her whole family could be placed in jeopardy. A few months in, Mary and Marshall learn the man is seeing another woman, they learn that she's also his wife. She's allowed into WITSEC but she has to be told about her husband's other family and vice versa and that's when things get messed up. And his ...

    The Merry Wives of Witsec
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