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Good Witch

IMDB: 7.3

2015, 4 seasons to date

Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

By Craig Pryce

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"Good Witch" will take viewers on a new magical journey with Cassie Nightingale and her daughter Grace. When Dr. Sam Radford moves in next door to Grey House with his son, they are charmed by the 'magical' mother-daughter duo.

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Season 1

  • Do the Right Thing

    Against her best judgment, Cassie agrees to pose as Ryan's girlfriend to make his ex jealous, but this confuses the good doctor and Cassie herself when she and Ryan kiss.

    Do the Right Thing
  • All in the Family

    Cousin Abigail Pershing returns to wreck havoc in Middleton as she sets her views on Dr. Sam who is dating Stephanie. Ryan wants to date his best friend, Cassie.

    All in the Family
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Season 2

  • 48
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Second Time Around
    Just as it seems Cassie and Middleton's handsome new doctor...
    Apr 17, 2016
  • 48
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Driven
    While Cassie catches up with John, an old friend from her co...
    Apr 24, 2016
  • Out of the Past

    Ryan's return to Middleton takes everyone aback - especially Cassie, who quickly discovers he is there to settle more than just the recent sale of his house. Brandon and Tara wind up babysitting Derek's nephew, and in the process learn taking care of a child might be more of a challenge than they thought.

    Out of the Past
  • The Trouble with Love

    Sam reluctantly lets Linda move into his house for Nick's sake, but in the end Nick needs his mother to move out - and move on for all of them. Cassie realizes that Grace is looking for more than a driving instructor in Sam - she sees him as a father figure. Sam continues to be stumped by the persistent Sharon, who Eve thinks is more lovesick than sick (and for Sam himself).

    The Trouble with Love
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Season 3

  • Without Magic for a Spell

    The Middleton Merriwick is still not in bloom, and the effects are being felt around town, meanwhile an old friend and colleague of Abigails checks into Grey House claiming to want a relationship.

    Without Magic for a Spell
  • A Birthday Wish

    When a visiting chef (Constance) is unable to relax as she promised herself and instead wreaks havoc on the Grey House kitchen, Cassie arranges for her to spend a whole day at the stove stirring a special recipe to quiet her mind. Grace is presented with the Merriwick Wish Book for her birthday and encouraged to make an entry, and she learns a little more about what her mother and cousin were like when they were her age.

    A Birthday Wish
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