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Dark Angel

IMDB: 7.4

2000, 2 seasons to date

Action / Drama / Mystery

By James Cameron

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In a future of political, economic and moral collapse, a genetically enhanced superhuman prototype named Max escapes from military confines and dwells amidst the decadent underground street life of *Seattle* to avoid government agents who want to bring her back into the fold. Searching for others of her kind who were scattered in the aftermath of her escape, Max encounters Logan, an idealistic cyber-journalist battling repression and corruption in post-apocalypse America. Eventually, Logan calls her to the highest part of her being and Max becomes his samurai as the pair takes on the ruthless power-brokers of the new millennium. Max and Logan's odyssey leads them closer to the secret of her past, deepening and complicating their relationship in the process.

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Season 1

  • 1
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    Episode 0: Pilot
    12 genetically enhanced childern escape from a military base...
    Oct 3, 2000
  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Heat
    In a post apocalyptic world genetically enhanced female (tra...
    Oct 10, 2000
  • Flushed

    Max needs her pills to keep her seizures at bay but her friends believe that she's an addict. Max is feeling the serious side effects from the alterations to her biochemistry. After her friends flush her pills she tries to steal some from the local hospital but get's caught and lands up in jail.

  • C.R.E.A.M.

    Alina Herrero contacts Eyes Only and asks him to help her find out the truth about her father's disappearance years ago. Max breaks in to the police department to steal information about her father, who also happens to be Logan's mentor. At the same time, Sketchy loses the mob's money and has to return the full amount in 36 hours. Max uses her super skills to win the money through poker.

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Season 2

  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Designate This
    Max regains her consciousness after her heart transplant, on...
    Sep 28, 2001
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    Episode 2: Bag 'Em
    The government sends Ames White to clean up the mess that wa...
    Oct 5, 2001
  • Proof of Purchase

    Alec agrees to kill three Manticore escapees when White plants a small bomb at the back of his head. He must bring their barcode back as proof. When time begins to run out, he contemplates attacking Joshua and Max to save his life. Logan agrees to pay a huge sum to the man who engineered the virus designed to kill him to find an antibody for Max.

    Proof of Purchase
  • Radar Love

    Max and Logan are separated by the virus. Their loneliness compels them to date other people. Meanwhile, a virus is on the rampage in Chinatown. Because there is a rumored transgenic in the area, the public starts to believe that this monster is the source of the illness. In reality, White has asked a scientist to engineer a virus targeted specifically at Manticore's escapees. The death in Chinatown was just a demonstration for White.

    Radar Love
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