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Dad's Army

IMDB: 8.1

1968, 9 seasons to date

Comedy / War


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Popular BBC comedy series set in the fictional south coast seaside town of Walmington-On-Sea during World War 2. Alternating moments of gentle character comedy with broad slapstick, it recounts the misadventures of the local voluntary defence force (or 'Home Guard') consisting of men too old or 'unfit' for military service. They are led by the pompous Mainwaring, manager of the local bank, and consist of the suave, mild-mannered Sergeant Wilson , Lance-Corporal Jones, the town's butcher and an old soldier prone to hysteria, cockney spiv Walker, dour Scots undertaker Frazer, gentle, elderly and incontinent Godfrey and dim-witted mummy's boy, Pike, whose mother is 'friendly' with Wilson. They are based in the Church hall where there is much friction between Mainwaring, the effeminate Vicar, his creeping Verger and ARP Warden Hodges (the grocer) who calls Mainwaring 'Napoleon' and strongly dislikes him. The 80 episodes (the last 68 made in colour) have been frequently repeated, many are ...

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Season 1

  • Command Decision

    Three weeks later, the L.D.V. still have no military equipment, so they improvised 'weapons' and concentrate on the intricacies of unarmed combat. Mainwaring faces a dilemma when estate squire Colonel Square, a Great war veteran, offers the platoon twenty rifles, provided he gets command. Unfortunately his idea of 'modern' warfare is converting them into cavalry, mounting circus horses he minds. The actual arms provide more surprises.

    Command Decision
  • The Enemy Within the Gates

    Mainwaring's men capture a couple of German airmen.

    The Enemy Within the Gates
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Season 2

  • The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker

    When Private Walker gets his call-up papers to join the regular army it comes as a shock to the platoon because he is useful to them for his black market activities. Wilson is chairing a committee and tries to get him turned down whilst Jones has him jumping off a ladder barefoot to induce flat feet. Ultimately he does get turned down because he is allergic to corned beef.

    The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker
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Season 3

  • The Lion Has Phones

    Mainwaring gives the platoon a lecture in communications but when a German plane crashes into the town's reservoir it becomes obvious that many of the men have no idea how to use a telephone and, when Mainwaring gets through to the main exchange to notify the incident, the operator is no help. Whilst a guards officer attempts to take command of the situation from Mainwaring, Walker saves the day by getting the reservoir manager to open the sluices, forcing the Germans to swim for it.

    The Lion Has Phones
  • The Bullet Is Not for Firing

    Mainwaring is extremely annoyed that all the platoon - except Godfrey, who was too slow - have used up all their ammunition firing in vain at a low-flying German aeroplane. An inquiry is ordered - along with a new case of ammunition, which duly arrives. The captain in charge of the inquiry, which takes place in the church hall in competition with choir practice, feels it a waste of his time but talks the men through what happened. Jones says he gave the order to shoot. Mainwaring corrects him by saying 'Fire', which the platoon does, making a hole in the roof.

    The Bullet Is Not for Firing
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Season 4

  • Boots, Boots, Boots

    Dissent in the ranks follows after a foot inspection as a result of which Mainwaring decides the platoon need their feet toughening up and proposes bare foot football as well as a twenty mile route march. To prevent the march the men hatch a plan whereby they will go into the shoe shop from where Mainwaring has ordered his new boots and substitute a size smaller which will pinch his feet and put him off the idea of a long march. What they had failed to appreciate is that he already had a pair in his own size in for repair, which the shoe-maker returns to him before ...

    Boots, Boots, Boots
  • Sgt - Save My Boy!

    The platoon are on night watch in a hut by the beach waiting for Pike to bring their tea but Pike has got himself tangled up on barbed wire on the beach in the middle of a minefield. Whilst waiting for an engineer to come and free him, Mainwaring and Frazer mount a rescue attempt of their own, to be beaten to it by Godfrey. Pike is freed and when the engineer turns up he tells everyone that Pike was never in danger because the minefield was some two hundred yards further along the beach - though Jones knows better!

    Sgt - Save My Boy!
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Season 5

  • A Soldier's Farewell

    The platoon are at the cinema watching a Greta Garbo film but only Mainwaring stands to attention for the National Anthem and gets knocked over by the others rushing for the exit. On the bus home they encounter Hodges, who is rude to the bus conductress. Mainwaring defends her but again gets knocked down as the men hurry to get off for last orders. After getting the men to stand for the anthem on parade next day - though Wilson accidentally plays the German anthem - Mainwaring falls out with his wife and has a toasted cheese supper with Wilson and Jones. He falls ...

    A Soldier's Farewell
  • Getting the Bird

    Rumours abound when Sergeant Wilson is seen with his arm around an attractive young woman in a WREN's uniform, causing an argument between himself and Mainwaring who catches him sleeping off a hangover in the church hall. Suddenly pigeons appear - Walker has got them to sell to Jones in the absence of other meat but he has yet to kill them, which he eventually does. However, a radio report reveals the disappearance of pigeons from Trafalgar Square, so he hides them in the organ loft and out they fly when Jones plays the organ. The young lady with Wilson is actually ...

    Getting the Bird
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Season 6

  • The Royal Train

    Captain Mainwaring gathers his troops for the secretive reading of top-secret orders, concerning the passage - no actual stop - of the royal train. The mood darkens when everybody else seems in on the secret. Alas, a regular train breaks down before the royal train, and a pills mix-up knocks out its staff. The platoon's ill-considered rescue attempt soon turns into a potential real disaster.

    The Royal Train
  • We Know Our Onions

    Vain Mainwaring is determined that his platoon should earn the full quota of 12 stars in a wacky test weekend. Captain Ramsey is in charge and increases the psychological pressure. The information that Wilson heard from another platoon works against them. Meanwhile the warden and the verger follow them because Jones' van still has an onions consignment for Hodges' grocery shop, which suddenly gains another importance.

    We Know Our Onions
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Season 7

  • Gorilla Warfare

    Mainwaring complains about a man's 'sissy' appearance and luggage during a briefing on a training mission. He'll play a secret agent to be guarded anonymously, while HQ sends equally secret counter agents to identify and catch him. So all civilians are mistrusted or ignored, including a military experiment researcher's warning for an escaped gorilla. The (fake) ape certainly makes a monkey of the verger and the warden, who are determined to betray the platoon. The battle of daft wits continues.

    Gorilla Warfare
  • The Godiva Affair

    As part of Walmington's patriotic effort to finance a Spitfire, the platoon practices Morris (spring fertility) dancing. It's sissy to Scotsman Frazer's taste, except wielding the whiffling stick like a club, which upsets Jones. His nerves suffer because his sweetheart, lively widow Mrs. Fox, now accepts attention from old town clerk Gordon. At Jones' request the captain is going to talk to her. Alas that starts new suspicions. Things worsen when Fox auditions for the part of Lady Godiva, in fleshings, which stirs jealousy from the platoon's ladies.

    The Godiva Affair
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Season 8

  • Is There Honey Still for Tea?

    Three months after the bomb on the bank, Mr. George Mainwaring makes a terrible fuss about the 'undignified' standard government-issue new door for his office, even before it becomes clear the tar paper is also fragile rubbish, ruined within minutes. Alas an early visitor, the Home Guard Colonel, brings a worse concern: Defense is building a new aerodrome for the RAF, and the idyllic cottage Mr. Godfrey lives in with his sisters Dolly and Cissy must be demolished to make room for it, the platoon is asked to break the news before the official notice. A visit from ...

    Is There Honey Still for Tea?
  • Come In, Your Time Is Up

    In preparation for a bivouac weekend, captain Mainwaring gives a lecture, in the vicar's garden as the indoor church premises are spoken for, so the gardener bothers the vicar, who prepares his sermon, about the Home Guardsmen behaving 'improperly'. After lessons in hedgehog-cooking in mud - poor Pike! - putting up two-man tents without making holes in the lawn - poor Pike, Jones and tent - and starting a fire, actually trying not to light it - poor Pike and lawn - it's off to the field. Alas, Mr. Hodges cheerfully gave a lift to vicar, verger and their troop of Sea ...

    Come In, Your Time Is Up
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Season 9

  • Knights of Madness

    As part of a fund-raising pageant the Home Guard decides to put on a patriotic version of St. George and the dragon, with the dragon representing Naziism. Mainwaring is St. George in a suit of armour that causes him no end of trouble but, come the big day, they discover that Hodges and the air raid wardens are also staging a tableau of George and the dragon, which leads to an inevitable fight.

    Knights of Madness
  • The Miser's Hoard

    Doctor McCeavedy, who signals undertaker Frazer deaths, accidentally discovers his life savings, hundreds of sovereigns, and tells Mainwaring the scrooge should be persuaded to put the fortune in safety. The captain's lecture on money in wartime, after Jones' ludicrous demonstration of fixing bayonets while wearing a gas mask, fails to secure the banker a fat annuity commission, he's even called not trustworthy. However the rumor soon spreads, so after half of Walmington beleaguers Frazer in vain for generosity that never comes, he misses his first parade ever to '...

    The Miser's Hoard
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