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China Beach

IMDB: 8.2

1988, 4 seasons to date

Drama / War

By John Sacret Young

Latest Episodes

Dateline: November 1967, within klicks of Danang, Vietnam, sits a U.S. Army base, bar and hospital on China Beach. This is the 'Nam, filled with wounded soldiers and one very lovely but damaged Army Nurse Colleen Mc Murphy. Many heroes, dead and alive, in the forms of nurses, warriors, Donut Dollies, lifeguards, politicians, USO entertainers, Chopper Chicks, doctors, officers and enlisted men, brothers and sisters, Kool-Aid Kids, orderlies, medics, morticians, Army brass and one hostile prostitute named K.C. try to make sense of life and death in between bourbon, bullets and battles.

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Season 1

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    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Home
    Cherry learns the difference between a clean wolf and a swea...
    Apr 27, 1988
  • 2
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Hot Spell
    K.C. agrees to ask about Cherry's missing brother as she set...
    May 4, 1988
  • Somewhere Over the Radio

    In an attempt to understand Boonie, Laurette volunteers to accompany Lila and Cherry on a mission in the Central Highlands. When their helicopter is shot down, they are rescued by a squad of GIs supposedly being led by the legendary Captain Osborne whom Lila has come to meet. At China Beach, Dr. Richard is wounded before his R&R while operating on a wounded GI with a live mortar shell inside him, while K.C. and a frightened Boonie prepare to mount a rescue mission to locate Lila, Laurrette and Cherry.

    Somewhere Over the Radio
  • Waiting for Beckett

    Cherry is taken in by a deserter who claims have information on her missing brother's whereabouts, and who is pursued by a determined officer from the CID. Meanwhile, Laurette and Boonie try to help a stressed out Beckett get some sleep.

    Waiting for Beckett
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Season 2

  • Limbo

    McMurphy maintains a bedside vigil for Dodger while smuggled crates of penicillin create a shortage of antibiotics which could be fatal to him. K.C. agrees to get Boonie some black market penicillin for Dodger in exchange for his help in building her a beauty salon on the base. Meanwhile, Lila goes on a hunt to find a certain 'Karen Koloski' among the service personnel to deliver bad news of her father's death, not realizing that it's K.C.

  • X-Mas Chn. Bch. VN, '67

    While most of the staff is on leave during Christmas Eve, McMurphy, Dr. Richard, Lila and others left behind become deluged with scores of casualties, both military and civilian, including a machine-gun toting St. Nick. Dr. Richard becomes understandably grumpy when he learns that his wife is dating another man back home. Meanwhile, Frankie helps Beckett in the morgue where he meets a grief-stricken Vietnamese woman, named Mai, who's cousin, an officer in the ARVN, has just been killed.

    X-Mas Chn. Bch. VN, '67
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Season 3

  • Dear China Beach

    A young Vietnamese girl delivers an Amerasian infant boy to Dodger and tells him that he is the father, which triggers his inner turmoil. Meanwhile, McMurphy is laid up in the hospital suffering from dysentery caused by a drinking binge, and Holly tries to get the China Beachers to answer mail from a 7th grade class in Colorado.

    Dear China Beach
  • Who's Happy Now?

    Black humor takes the form of a 'Weekend at Bernie's' theme when visiting colonel dies in the company of K.C., in which she then asks Boonie and Hyers to help her find a way to decently dispose of the corpse. Meanwhile, a French doctor named Dr. Bernard, shows an interest in McMurphy. Sarge Pepper asks Frankie for advice about courting Lila, whom he develops a crush on. Also, Dr. Richard worries over a wounded grunt with a head injury that has permanently altered a his mental capacity, while learning that his ex-wife is being courted by another man back home.

    Who's Happy Now?
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Season 4

  • You, Babe

    Saigon, 1967. McMurphy, desperate for a three-day leave to meet her friend Nellie from nursing school, steals a pass intended for Dr. Richard and runs into a very pregnant K.C. trying to obtain medical records for her unborn child. In a comedy of errors, they find themselves handcuffed to each other after escaping from a police raid and wander aimlessly through the streets as K.C. goes into labor and gives birth to a baby girl.

    You, Babe
  • Escape

    Orchard Grove, North Carolina, 1985. Beckett is attending his father's funeral when he flashes back to his childhood and then to Vietnam in 1967 where he was a grunt in a platoon commanded by Sarge Pepper. During Beckett's R&R at China Beach, he got his job by accident at the Graves Registration Unit, where he first met McMurphy, Dr. Richard, and Lila. Beckett's co-worker was a scared-to-death and scared-of-dying friend, named "Deadman" Crawford who eventually committed suicide rather than return to the jungle to fight.

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