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Baa Baa Black Sheep

IMDB: 7.7

1976, 2 seasons to date

Action / War / Adventure


Latest Episodes

Pappy Boyington is the squadron-leader of a group of fighter pilots stationed on an island in the Pacific, during World War II. Pappy often needs to intercede in altercations at the base, but everyone seems to pull together when they are assigned missions in the air.

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Season 1

  • Prisoners of War

    During an early morning strafing attack by Japanese Zeros Pappy manages to shoot one down. After taking the pilot prisoner they begin to discover it's hard to hate him. He has lived in the U.S. and speaks perfect English and begins to warm up to the Squadron. But what Pappy really wants to know is what the sonar device was doing in his plane and what his mission has to do with the Japanese task force which is on the move.

    Prisoners of War
  • Presumed Dead

    Presumed dead, flying ace Charles Dobson is found afloat on a raft at sea, after being released by the Japanese. The Meatheads try to unlock the secret to why the Japanese have set up shop with anti-aircraft batteries overnight on an island seemingly with no importance. Dobson's strange behavior brings about suspicion in Boyington.

    Presumed Dead
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Season 2

  • The Hawk Flies on Sunday

    The Black Sheep squadron are in direct competition with an army squadron. The winner of the contest will get the opportunity to fly an extremely dangerous and important mission.

    The Hawk Flies on Sunday
  • Wolves in the Sheep Pen

    A group of Navy pilots arrive at the base. Naturally there is friction between the groups of fliers. Ultimately the friction leads to an opportunity no one can pass up to complete one of the most important missions of the war.

    Wolves in the Sheep Pen
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